Month: April 2020

Credit for dental bill offered a very favorable interest rate

There are many moments when the savings are insufficient or cannot be liquidated quickly enough without having to suffer high losses. Whether through an accident or a surprising diagnosis; at the wrong moment, the dentist can suddenly cost a lot of money. A credit for the dentist bill can quickly remedy the situation and avert […]

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50000 dollar loan for self-employed person

If a 50000 dollar loan is needed for the self-employed , banks behave very covered. If, on the other hand, employees or civil servants apply for a loan, a secure income and permanent employment are available as security. A self-employed worker cannot provide this security. If you want to have a loan for self-employed 50,000 […]

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Loan restructuring for self-employed

Debt restructuring for the self-employed is one of the most complicated lending operations at the bank. Keep in mind that security mechanisms such as protection against dismissal or long-term payment of unemployment benefit I often do not work and that the self-employed person often has a fluctuating income. Read more about why debt restructuring for […]

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